Birdwatching Charter

Birdwatching Charter
から AUD AU$210.00
  • 期間: 6 時間 (約)
  • 所在地: Lake Argyle, WA
  • 製品コード: BIRD

Do you go cuckoo for birds? Then you’ll love our full day bird-watching expedition of Lake Argyle, a designated RAMSAR Wetland due to the large number and variety of birdlife found here. Over 240 species of birds have been recorded on or around the lake including Yellow Chat, Painted Snipe and the Long Toed Stint. At times, individual flocks of certain species can number in the tens of thousands.

Lake Argyle has also gained a reputation as one of the best locations in Australia to observe certain species that are often difficult to find elsewhere. A number of well-known birdwatchers regularly bring their clients to us, knowing that our experience and ability to find sought-after species is second to none. On previous trips, guests have been pleasantly surprised at sighting up to 113 bird species in one day! Lake Argyle Cruises’ owner, Greg, is a keen birdwatcher and he especially enjoys leading these trips. Please book in advance to arrange a departure to suit your itinerary.

Includes: Light breakfast, snacks, morning tea and coffee

Average Duration: 6 hours

*Minimum numbers of 6 are required for this tour to run.